Work 2015-2017

Role / Responsibility Sets Feature Output

One of the most successful new features in an existing product took several agile iterations and was validated at an 80% confidence level of success. The feature itself was a smashing success for the enterprise product, Siterra. The final product saves a user much time and aggravation from what previously was implemented.

Tower Portal, a new Accruent product (MVP)

The UX Process

This document was a UX team effort. It was designed to be socialized internally between product managers and the UX team. It was an informal agreement of deliverables based on Agile processes on how the UX process is applied at Accruent and when the UX team engages products and engineering.

Tower Portal, a sample screen

A sample screen of a list of results in a Google Map. The Tower Portal project is a site selection service that takes site data from another enterprise application, Siterra, and places it in a geographical search. The total experience for the user is an easy-to-locate site selection that produces an application to the carrier that requests information and details regarding that user's interest in the site.

Tower Portal - custom attributes administration

An administrator can choose and select from thousands of custom fields to place into a site details view in Tower Portal. The traditional picker was chosen from other experiences due to the potential volume of extended attributes a user can search from. The picker also allows for both drag and drop and multiple selections.

Tower Portal - a login experience redline

A simple redline outlining user requirements in a field that was delivered to engineering to create.

Unified Single Sign On (SSO)

This design is a Single Sign On screen that will be adopted by all Accruent products by the end of 2017. The design is both responsive and versatile. It can accommodate the many variations that the Accruent product line's current log in screens have, all the while maintaining a consistent look and feel.

Dashboards, BI concept

A complex utility dashboard design showing the simplicity of integrated data across multiple products. This project created 17 distinct dashboard designs for a variety of different user personas demonstrated as a single product. The designs were then socialized for customer discovery and validated during a 5 month research project.

Case Studies, 2016

Insights 2016 Products Demo Reel